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Magnolia’s Best in Food and Fuel

Truck Stop and Travel Station in Magnolia, AR

Magnolia Travel Center aims to satisfy the needs of weary travelers passing through Arkansas. Fill up both your gas tank and your stomach without emptying your wallet, and take advantage of everything we offer—snacks and drinks, a full-service restaurant, Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel, tobacco products and much more. Stop in and stay for a while before hitting the road again; we’ll make sure you leave feeling eager and refreshed.

Travel Station

Rest, Refuel and Grab a Bite Before You’re Back on the Road

When you’re on the road for long hours, cooped up in a cab, the sight of a truck stop is like an oasis coming closer and closer. If you’re driving through Magnolia, AR, the sight of Magnolia Travel Center is one that’ll make you want to pull over immediately! We don’t just look like an oasis for truckers—we are one! Inside you’ll find everything you need to rest, refuel and rejuvenate before climbing back into your truck and getting back on the road.

We call ourselves a travel center because we’re so much more than a generic gas station or convenience store. Everything we do is meant to give you a little slice of comfort and relaxation. Stop in and check out our hot deli, with fresh, hearty meals you can eat here or take away—including mouth-watering fried chicken and filling slices of pizza. After you refuel your body, refuel your truck! We’ve got top-grade fuel available, including Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel for cleaner, more efficient engine performance. You won’t find this high-grade option at just any truck stop in Magnolia, AR!

If you’re looking for clean restrooms and a hot shower, look no further. Our corner store facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily, so you can refresh and feel great before hopping back into your truck. Before you go, hit the convenience store and stock up on snacks, drinks, tobacco products and more. With all your favorite brands and products available at great prices, you’ll have everything you need to tide you over between stops.Magnolia Travel Center works hard to create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience you can enjoy for as long as you’re with us. We welcome first-timers and returning visitors alike, and we can’t wait to give you a little taste of the oasis you’ve been looking for after long hours on the road.

Gas Station
We offer Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel, available to all truckers refilling with us.
Stop on in and grab a hearty bite at our restaurant before you get back on the road.
We’re a locally-owned and -operated truck stop that understands the needs of truckers.
Customer service and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we train our staff extensively.
Our on-premise bathrooms and showers are thoroughly clean and sanitized daily.

Welcoming Weary Travelers

After long days on the road, take a load off and rest awhile at Magnolia Travel Center, where you’ll find a mini-mart stocked with fresh food, a hot shower, essential drinks and more. Rest and refuel with us!

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