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Diesel Gas, Tobacco, and Amenities in Magnolia, AR

Magnolia Travel Center has established itself as a must-visit truck stop and gas station in Arkansas. Not only because we’re centrally located along well-traveled trucking routes, but because we understand and meet the needs of the truckers who visit us. Check out everything we provide to our visitors:


Mobil Gas Station

We have various grades of both diesel gas and unleaded fuel, Mobil-Branded so you know you’re getting the very best for your vehicle. We’re also home to Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel, helping diesel vehicles run cleanly and efficiently. Truckers make it a point to stop here when traveling through Magnolia, AR because of our dedication to providing the very best in diesel gas products!


Hot-Box Restaurant


When you’re done refueling your truck, refuel your body! Our Hot-Box is a full deli restaurant, offering a wide range of food options. Chow down on the ever-popular Champs Chicken or grab a bite of Big Rock Pizza and satisfy the hunger pangs you’ve been having for miles. It’s all fresh and delicious, affordably priced for your convenience.


Bathrooms and Showers

Travel Center

We clean and sanitize our on-site bathrooms and showers daily, from top to bottom. Step in for a hot, refreshing shower or your daily constitutions and take a moment to relax and unwind. It’s one of the small conveniences we strive to provide to truckers who have been cooped up, on the road for long hours. It’s a far better arrangement than you’ll find at any old gas station in Magnolia, AR!




Pick up a pack of smokes, tin of chaw, cigarillos or snus before you head back out on the road. We’ve got all the major brands in stock and are sure to have what you’re looking for. In a life made of simple pleasures, you’ll find yours here.




After days and hours on the road, sometimes all you want is an ice-cold beer. We’ll cheers to that! Crack open a can of your favorite or pop the cap on a brew that looks interesting. Whatever you’re drinking, it’ll be fresh and cold, allowing you to unwind before the next leg of your journey.


Drinks and Snacks


Our travel stop is home to a huge selection of chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, cookies, cakes, candy and just about anything else you could want for snacking on a long journey. Our sundries are affordably priced and always in stock, bringing you your favorites between stops.



Truck Stop

Whether you’re hauling the family around in a minivan or lugging heavy cargo in a big rig, there’s parking for all at Magnolia Travel Center! Our parking lot is extensive and easily navigable, so you can rest assured you’ve got plenty of area to sprawl out and stretch before buckling back in.


Get Signature Service

Travelers passing through Arkansas make it a point to visit Magnolia Travel Center because we’ve got everything you need to complete your long-distance journey and enjoy every mile of it along the way. Pull into our parking lot today and stop inside or give us a call at 870-234-7806 for more information.

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